9 Ways To Optimise Your Business Page

It’s important to optimise your business page to fuller potential which is achieved when signing up on “Quote Me”, this will definitely help you get more leads and improve your conversion rate. We have attached 9 valuable steps below, but remember, for some of these steps you will have to own a Premium Quote Me account. Have a look at the benefits of subscribing to the Premium Account Pricing Plans

  • 1

    About Us Section

    This is probably the most important aspect of your Quote Me Business Page. This is where you describe exactly what your company does and what your company stands for. Highlight the key aspects of your business as well as your vision and mission of the company. State your origin date, many clients see this as credibility as they feel you are a Professional in your field. Also add all your company milestones.

  • 2

    Social Media

    Be sure to add a link to ALL your social media channels. These are one of the main aspects that you have to focus on. Social media pages don’t just increase your brand awareness but will only contribute to your brand loyalty and authority.

If you are not sure how to run these channels correctly, then be sure to reach out to us on social@quoteme.co.za, and we can give you a free audit of your social media accounts and explain how our experts could assist you! 

  • 3


    Make sure to add high quality photos to your page. These could be photos of your previous work done, to photos of your team and even promotional photos. Have a look at Canva.com, this is a great free online tool to use to create any graphic content. They even have a set of tutorials that will help you improve your designs!

  • 4

    Testimonials & Ratings

    This is a great aspect on any business page. This shows what your customers say about your business. Reach out to selected previous customer and ask them to write a small review and give you a 1 to 5 star rating as this will help with your conversion rate for any future clients that may visit your page.

  • 5

    Contact Details

    Make sure you enter all your contact details. Remember, clients usually want an easy way to contact you, so perhaps put your name and a direct phone number as this means that you, the boss, is available, and that the client can contact you directly. It also implies that you accept that you have a duty of care to your customers/clients and are willing to sort out problems “If Any”. Also suggest that to your clients you are available 24/7 (Regardless of operating hours as per clause 9. Below) - THIS MEANS YOU CARE FOR YOUR CLIENTS AND THE FUTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

  • 6

    Website Link

    It’s always great to have a website linking directly to your Quote Me Page. We know not everyone is creative and does not automatically have the knowledge to create a well designed website, so in the case that you do need some help, please feel free to reach out to us on seoweb@quoteme.co.za and one of our experts will be in contact with you to discuss our various web design packages that we offer to all our clients!

  • 7

    Location Services

    People will generally want to know where your business is located. This will add credibility to your website. Consider being displayed on Google Maps, for which you will need to open a Google My Business account.

  • 8


    Add a video to your page. This could either be a promotion video or possibly better to ask for permission to make a video of what your business did for a client in the past.

  • 9

    List Your Feautures

    Be sure to add all services you offer to the services section. This will open doors to more clients who may not have known that you include those services. Also be sure to add your correct business hours as clients will then also know when to contact you! Example:- Mondays to Fridays from 08h00 to 17h00 – Saturdays from 08h00 to 13h00, but closed on Sundays and all Public and Religious Holidays.