About Us

Quote Me is a Service-Based Directory that was created to assist all service providers In South Africa by sending them leads on a regular basis! Our Goal is to become an International Directory focusing on helping service providers by giving them an affordable advertising method which will not only send them leads but will also grow their online presence and expanding their brand! Our hard-working team is committed to deliver top quality support and help each service provider  connect with potential customers!

Our highly advanced system has been designed to offer a client the opportunity to enter a “Job Request” which our system matches with the service provider best suited for the job and send them those leads directly! These service providers will then have the opportunity to quote the client instantly and turn those leads into a Sales! 

Why Choose Us?

Our platform allows service providers to create their own fully customizable Business Page in which they can display all their information to showcase to our diverse client base. Our Platform has been growing on a daily basis, and we’ve been sending leads to service providers nationwide!

Quote Me is designed to help each registered service provider in our 350+ categories and Locations across South Africa. Quote Me is both affordable and our layout has been designed in order for any person, even without any web experience, to create an attractive Business Page. Have a look at our Pricing Plan Page for more information on getting your business listed.


An enquirer/user will enter our platform and discuss their specific needs on their job request. After posting their request, our website will send that request to all registered businesses that fit the potential customer’s requirements. These businesses will then be able to quote instantly using our platform. This gives the enquirer/user the opportunity to receive multiple quotes easily and quickly which they can compare straight away.


From a business point of view, it is difficult to get any great results from organic marketing unless you have the knowledge to market online. Most People try and market online themselves, but without the proper knowledge, which means they end up wasting their money. Others rely on external marketing companies which they end up paying heavily to do their online marketing for them. Many companies also hesitate to pay those extra fees. Our platform will let your customers find you – all they have to do is open the app. With just an easy set up a business gets to display all the necessary information a customer would want to see.


Improve your local visibility

Quote Me offers you the opportunity to be visible to more potential customers by opening your own Quote Me Business Page where you can display all your business information to our vast range of clients!

Gather Customer Testimonials & reviews

Gathering customer testimonials and reviews gives your business more credibility and should help you with securing future clients!

Increase Web and social Traffic

Sending traffic to your website and social media accounts increases your chance of turning these potential clients into long-lasting customers! Send these clients to your website or social accounts through your Quote Me Business page!

Increase your brand awareness​

Quote Me receives a vast amount of traffic on a daily basis! This will increase the odds of clients viewing your business page and give your business that extra Brand Awareness!

Improve SEO

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, then I'm sure you know how important it is for your website to be visible on as many sites as possible!

Affordable Advertising method​

Quote Me offers a reasonable and affordable advertising method for all services based businesses in South Africa! Can you think of any other advertising method which gives you the same exposure for such a low price?

Quote Me Leads System

Registering on Quote Me will put your business in the position to receive leads through our advance system. Once a User enters www.quoteme.co.za they will have the opportunity to Post a Job Request. Our system was designed to match a User's request with the correct business suited for the job. Your business will then have the opportunity to quote that user instantly!

Sales Agent

This section was designed for any person looking to earn an extra or even full-time income. The main Goal as a Sales Agent is to list as many companies on Quote Me as possible. This section was not just designed for individuals to earn some extra income but will also definitely help to increasing the general growth of this platform. 


"Quote Me is a fantastic platform to get your business visible online! Had not problem listing my business and opening my Quote Me Business Page."
Shelley Testimonial Photo
"Quote Me presented a great opportunity for my company to advertise our Hospitality Training service. Very easy to use and upload company details. I highly recommend to every business person who wishes to advertise and get more clients/ customers."
Samkeliso Nkwanyane
5 Star Hospitality