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Perhaps we can answer some questions regarding Quote Me

Quote Me is a Service-Based Directory that was created to assist all service providers In South Africa by sending them leads on a regular basis! Our Goal is to become an International Directory focusing on helping service providers by giving them an affordable advertising method which will not only send them leads but will also grow their online presence and expanding their brand! Our hard-working team is committed to deliver top quality support and help each service provider  connect with potential customers!

Quote Me does not charge a user to Post a Request. Our services are 100% FREE to any person looking to compare quotes from services providers in their area.

Yes, we thought about how we can help idividuals earn an extra income. That is how the Sales Agent Division was formed. If you are looking for an extra income, then have a look at our Sales Agent explainer video.

If you are interested in listing your services on Quote Me, have a look at our Service Provider Video. This will explain all that is required in order for you to be listed on Quote Me. You can also have a look at our Pricing Plans to see what we offer.

Helping Businesses Grow

Affordable Advertising method​

Quote Me offers a reasonable and affordable advertising method for all service-based businesses! Can you think of any other advertising method which gives you the same exposure for such a low price?


Quote Me offers you the opportunity to be visible to more potential customers by opening your own Quote Me Business Page where you can display all your business information to our vast range of clients!

Increase Web and socialTraffic

Sending traffic to your website and social media channels increases your chance of turning these potential clients into long-lasting customers! Get your Quote Me Business Page set up today!

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"Quote Me is a fantastic platform to get your business visible online! Had not problem listing my business and opening my Quote Me Business Page."
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"Quote Me presented a great opportunity for my company to advertise our Hospitality Training service. Very easy to use and upload company details. I highly recommend to every business person who wishes to advertise and get more clients/ customers."
Samkeliso Nkwanyane
5 Star HospitalitY